Mode Sunburst Freestyle Wheels


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Mode Sunburst Freestyle Wheels


Mode Skateboards’ new “Sunburst” freestyle wheels are considerably more modern in design than their original freestyle wheels; with a hard core, they’ll run faster and stay more true to the axle than wheels with urethane bearing seats.

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The Mode Sunburst freestyle wheels are a perfect middle ground between OJII-derived wheels like the original Mode wheels and the chunky Seismic Focus; you’ve got a relatively small roll surface of 20mm, but a lot more material on the all-important outside edge, so they’ll withstand a lot more coconut wheelie abuse than most wheels.

They have 10.8mm of axle coverage, measured from the outer ring of a standard bearing to the surface furthest away from the truck. A standard axle nut is 6.4mm thick, so this gives you a total of 4.4mm of urethane to burn away before metal will be scraping on the ground.

They’re also printed on the inside edge so the graphic will last a bit longer, if that’s your sort of thing.

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Dimensions 11 × 11 × 4 cm






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