Mode “Postcard” 7.4 x 29.4


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Mode “Postcard” 7.4 x 29.4


The Mode Postcard is, like Moonshine’s Lillis Åkesson deck, a double kick derived from the Capital freestyle boards of the early 2000s. The big difference is that this board is almost an inch longer than most modern freestyle boards at 29.4″ long. This is just short enough to still be manoeuvrable, but gives you a bit of extra space for ollie tricks – and means you don’t have to reach down so far for 50-50 tricks, too!

As with all Mode Skateboards decks, this board has been personally hand-screened by Terry Synnott in Florida. Each one has been photographed by us, so what you see is exactly what you get – but these particular colourways might never be produced again, so grab your favourite while you still can.*


Length: 29.4″
Width: 7.4″
Wheelbase: 13.75″
Nose and tail: 5.75″, bidirectional.

We recommend using a regular Offset skid plate or Seismic skid plate on each end of this board.

* We might not always have photos of the available colours – it’s hard to keep up with Mode’s stains and background colours!

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The Mode Postcard deck from Mode Skateboards is a 29.4″ long bidirectional double-kick freestyle board – meaning it’s exactly the same no matter which way you ride it. This is perfect for footwork, shuvits, and other tricks where you don’t want to have to think too hard about which way the board will land.

At a 7.4″ width, we recommend using trucks with a 6.9″ axle such as the FILM 109, but bear in mind that it will lean slightly towards the wheels more than 7.25″ or 7.3″ boards unless you use more washers behind the wheels.

Like all Mode skateboards, the Postcard was made in the USA and screened with five colours by hand by Mode’s head honcho, Terry Synnott. This isn’t some lesser product churned out somewhere in Europe. This is the real deal, just as you’d buy from the US – only without getting stung by import tax.

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Weight 1080 g
Dimensions 75 × 18.9 × 4 cm


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