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Mode Freestyle Wheels


The Mode freestyle wheels stem from Terry Synnott’s desire to create a wheel which covered the axle nut properly without resulting in the clunky feeling of a wider wheel. As such, the Mode wheels have a massively reduced roll surface, created by tapering away the rear of the wheel while leaving the front far enough forward to cover the axle.

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The Mode freestyle wheels are a solid choice for someone who’s looking for a freestyle wheel more akin to what they’ve ridden on a street board. Light and with a deep offset despite their narrow 25mm rolling surface, these wheels will cover the axle nut without feeling “clunky” like most deep freestyle wheels. This translates to a wheel which breaks into a slide easier, despite the slightly softer urethane.

They have 10.7mm of axle coverage, measured from the outer ring of a standard bearing to the surface furthest away from the truck. A standard axle nut is 6.4mm thick, so this gives you a total of 4.3mm of urethane to burn away before metal will be scraping on the ground.

That said, like all OJII-derived shapes, we don’t recommend these for coconut wheelies due to the profile of the outer edge; save those for the chunkier Seismic Focus wheels.

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