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Marvelous 2 DVD


Note: we are now sold out of this DVD. Due to how ridiculously expensive it was to import these from Japan, we are unlikely to get more in stock unless there is serious demand for it. If you missed out and would like a copy, please contact us and select “I want a copy of Marvelous 2!” as a subject line. If enough people send us begging letters, we’ll see what we can do about bringing another crate of DVDs over.

We’re very excited about this one. For the first time ever, the iconic Marvelous 2 DVD is available outside of Japan.

For those reading this who weren’t freestyling in the mid-2000s, you might not understand the significance of this. Both this film and the original Marvelous were produced by Masahiro Fujii as a means of documenting the Japanese freestyle scene in what was freestyle’s lowest ebb worldwide. The Japanese scene was so far ahead of the rest of the globe that young freestylers everywhere were studying grainy, low-res MPEG sections of both DVDs, downloaded over 56k internet connections from private servers and early video sharing websites long before YouTube came into being. They inspired a whole generation.

Fifteen years later, you can finally own a proper DVD copy of Marvelous 2 and watch the whole mind-blowing film, start to finish.

Prepare to be amazed.

Out of stock

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Due to how old Marvelous 2 is, there’s not much footage available on YouTube. Thankfully, Toshiaki Fujii’s part is, and it’s an absolute banger. Watch it in all its early 2000s heavily-compressed glory below if you’re in any doubt about how good this DVD is:

Trust us when we say it looks much better on a DVD – it hasn’t been shrank down to fit 56k download speeds, for one!

(If you’re inspired by what you see, why not pick up Toshiaki’s pro model along with the DVD?)

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