Lokton Hole Pieces


Lokton Hole Pieces


In a shrewd (and environmentally-conscious) move, the folks over at Seismic have taken the small lasercut pieces removed from their Lokton griptape and packaged them into small packs of 50, perfect for getting a little bit of extra grip where you need it without paying for three 11″ x 11″ sheets.

As a trial run, we are not offering them as a full bag of 50 pieces, but we’re splitting them up to offer them in small bags of 10 pieces at a lower price.

(Why 10 pieces, you ask? Well, because that should be enough to cover the underside of the tail of any freestyle board to make catching it in a casper a bit easier.)

Note that these hole pieces are just as coarse as the regular 36-grit sheets – we do not recommend you place these anywhere you will be grabbing the board! The grip on this stuff is VICIOUS.

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Noticeably sharper, tougher, and grippier. Grit stays ultra-sharp, doesn’t flake off. No smearing or peeling, even in heat or rain. The best grip in the history of grip. Lock in with Lokton™!

Apply Lokton only to clean, dry surfaces at room temperature. For best results, follow these directions:
1) If deck is coated with excess lacquer, buff with fine sandpaper and clean off residue.
2) Remove release paper, then gently warm up Lokton with blow dryer or heat gun.
3) Place on deck, then immediately apply pressure by standing on all areas.
4) Trim edges by cutting from top. Do not bend or file.

Lokton does not always adhere well to the top of other grip tape, but it conforms to the contours of most concaves and implants. The Ninja Star pattern conforms more easily to deeper concaves.

The PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) on the back of Lokton is some of the best, most heat-resistant on the market. However, it does not always bond well to unusual combinations of deck-top materials and finishes – especially certain types of Formica and heavy lacquer. Your results may vary.

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Ninja Star, Honeycomb, Fishnet


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