Loaded Flange Head Bolts


Loaded Flange Head Bolts


Bolts are the most over-looked part of a setup. No one cares about bolts, right?

Well, these are not only stronger than your average bolt, but due to the wide (and surprisingly flat) flanged panhead, they’ll distribute the load better than typical countersunk mounting hardware – meaning fewer stress cracks and fewer broken boards – and they’ll sit flush on the baseplate of a drop-through truck if you’re still running that sort of setup.

And because they protrude slightly from the surface of the deck, they’re also good at protecting the griptape on concave-less freestyle decks and longboards.

Still not convinced? Well, they come in a fancy box. It’s very nice. You can use it to store other things. You know, spare parts, medical supplies, a huge amount of SD cards, charging cables, severed ears… you get the idea.

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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 2.2 cm

Suggested Use

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1", 1.25"


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