Khiro Bushing Washers


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Khiro Bushing Washers


Once upon a time a barrel-and-cone bushing combo was pretty much the standard. Now a lot of trucks ship with double-conical setups – which means they also ship with teeny-tiny bushing washers, preventing you from upgrading to the superior1 barrel-and-cone arrangement.

Of course, these will also work if you’ve bent your existing washers. Either way, these bushing washers will help get your trucks in tip-top shape. One pack is enough to fix/improve both trucks.

Check below the fold (i.e. that “additional information” box) for measurements in case you’re concerned about compatibility.

1: Yes, barrel and cone is superior. We’re not having arguments about this. We’re right. So there.

Out of stock

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Unsurprisingly, these bushing washers are the same ones included in Khiro’s complete kits, and will fit all of Khiro‘s various bushing combinations. What follows are approximate measurements for the bushing seats on each washer; there might be a small amount of leeway, but we don’t recommend going over these measurements.

Washer For Bushing: Seat Diameter
Large Barrel 26mm
Small Cone 19mm

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Weight 40 g

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