Khiro Barrel Bushing Kit


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Khiro Barrel Bushing Kit


Note: these particular bushings from Khiro have been discontinued. You can have a look at our current selection of Khiro bushings by clicking here.

Khiro’s bushings are world-renowned for their high quality and wide range of options. These are the same bushings as their standard barrel-and-cone combination, only this is a complete kit with replacement washers. If you have damaged washers or if you’re upgrading from a double cone bushing setup (which won’t have washers large enough for the bottom barrel), you’ll need this kit.

Note that Khiro’s bushings come in single-truck packs, which means you’ll need two packs to upgrade both trucks.

Currently we only stock these in 95a – 98a are discontinued – but we can obtain other hardnesses. If you would like these in another hardness, please contact us.

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(Note that all the following measurements for the Khiro Barrel Bushing Kit have been taken by ourselves, not just copied from a manufacturer’s website. We never trust manufacturer’s measurements.)
Bushing Shape Diameter Height
Bottom Barrel 24.8mm 14.5mm
Top Cone 24.4mm 9.8mm

Additional information

Weight 35 g
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 1.6 cm




95a, 98a

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