Khiro 98a Paris 108 Upgrade Kit


Khiro 98a Paris 108 Upgrade Kit


With the last stock of Khiro’s KBAC-2 bushings now being completely cleaned out, we’ve looked at everything else we can get our hands on and put together this 98a upgrade kit for the Paris 108 trucks with a different combination of Khiro bushings.

This is still a perfect fit – a taller top bushing means you use all the available space on the kingpin, meaning you get the maximum amount of resistance and rebound, just like with the KBAC-2 setup – but the new top bushing option doesn’t include an “insert” washer, so you need to use the one provided with the truck.

In terms of feel and functionality, there should be very little difference: this kit still makes sure the Paris 108 trucks are as good as they possibly can be for freestyle skateboarding.

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You'll need the trucks to put these in:

Paris 108 Trucks

Paris are largely known for their longboard trucks, but their "street" trucks are truly top-notch. Combining solid construction with a top-quality finish, these are definitely premium trucks.

These 108mm trucks are perfect for freestyle use; coming in taller than most trucks and with a big square space on the baseplate, it's almost like they were made with stationary freestyle combos in mind.

Throw them on any freestyle deck between 7.25" and 7.4" wide and you're bound to have a great time. We recommend coupling these with a deck such as the Moonshine Kill Your Idols and the freestyle wheels of your choice.

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This Upgrade Kit is the perfect bushing setup for a set of Paris 108 trucks, and is hand-selected by us from other Khiro bushing packs for that purpose. Please note that, due to the small availability of stock, they’re only available with the purchase of Paris trucks without prior agreement; orders containing just this set will be cancelled, as we want to try to prevent people from hoarding these to make sure everyone can have the best setup possible.

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