Khiro 80a Angled Wedge Shock Pad


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Khiro 80a Angled Wedge Shock Pad


Note: these wedge risers from Khiro have been discontinued. You can have a look at our current selection of Khiro products by clicking here, or click here for other riser options.

Looking to tweak your slalom rig for a bit more turn? Or want a bit more stability on those downhill runs? Angled risers – or wedges – are what you need. These Khiro wedges have a 9º angle, and are 16mm tall at the wide end and 4mm tall at the thin end (that’s approx. 5/8″ and 5/32″ in old money). They’re also made of an 80a rubber of some form to absorb a certain amount of shock, which is always nice.

Check the full description below for an explanation as to how to tweak your setup exactly how you want it.

Note that these come as a pair, so unlike the slightly shallower Offset angled risers, you only need one pack to wedge both trucks (or create one giant 18º super-wedge).

Out of stock

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If you don’t know how wedges work, have a look at this handy diagram from Tracker Trucks explaining every possible combination for Khiro wedge risers:

Tracker Wedges diagram

Click through to open it in a new tab if you’re struggling to read the huge amount of text.

(Larry Balma, if you’re reading this, we’re sorry for the blatant theft of this graphic, but there’s no way we could have explained it better.)

These Khiro wedge risers also double up as a shock absorber, however you don’t need to worry about a lack of board response: at a solid 80a, they’re not likely to mush out like cheaper rubber shock pads.

We’ve personally measured these at 4mm at the thin end, 16mm at the wide end (approx. 5/32″ and 5/8″), and calculated that they’re approximately a 9º angle.

(And people said we’d never use trigonometry outside of school.)

Finally, much like the baseplates on a set of Bear Trucks, these wedges are quad-drilled, giving you that bit more compatibility/versatility. No matter what your setup is, these wedges should fit.

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