Khiro 2″ Kingpin Set


Khiro 2″ Kingpin Set


Broken kingpins are a common problem in freestyle skateboarding, and we have finally gotten around to stocking some replacements. One pack of these 2″ Khiro kingpins is enough to fix up two trucks… so you’ve got a spare for when you inevitably snap another kingpin by landing a railflip with your trucks so tight that even we’re uncomfortable making jokes about them.

However, note that these kingpins rely on a proper hex slot in the baseplate – which a lot of modern trucks don’t have. Check the chart below to see the trucks we’ve checked these will work with. If your truck takes a splined kingpin, we have a replacement for that, too.

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Compatibility chart

We’ve looked at every truck we have lying around and checked to see if this kingpin set would fit. If you have a truck which isn’t on this chart and want to know if you can use these, get in touch and we’ll figure it out together.

Truck brand Model Compatible? Notes
Ace All trucks No The space around the kingpin is slightly too big to hold the hexhead in place.
Film All trucks Yes A perfect fit – this is a straight replacement.
Gullwing Mission I Possibly It looks like it should work, but we don’t have stock to check!
Gullwing Pro III Yes A perfect fit – this is a straight replacement.
Gullwing Shadow DLX Yes Works perfectly.
Independent All trucks No Independent widened the hole in the baseplate specifically to stop hex head kingpins from being used in Stage 9. Older trucks will take them, but modern ones won’t.
Paris Street Trucks No There’s nothing to hold the kingpin head in place.
Sure-Grip Invader 700 No There’s nothing to hold the kingpin head in place.
Tracker All trucks Yes As far as we know, all Tracker trucks can still take hex head kingpins.

Note: these will not fit ANY RKP, regardless of brand design; they’re too short, and won’t be able to fit proper RKP bushing setups. We can source longer ones if needed – just get in touch.

Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 2.5 cm

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