Into The Wild Pierre Andre 7.375 x 27.5


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Into The Wild Pierre Andre 7.375 x 27.5


Note: this particular deck from Into the Wild has been discontinued. You can have a look at our current selection of Into the Wild decks by clicking here.

To a lot of younger skaters, Pierre Andre is “just” the guy who founded, owns and runs Etnies, éS and Emerica shoes. However, he’s also one of France’s top exports in skateboarding, representing them on the world stage in freestyle throughout the 1980s – and earning a World Championship, inventing one of the most popular freestyle tricks in the world and representing another excellent French export in the process.

Now his fellow countryman (and similarly legendary figure in skateboarding) Jeremie Daclin has given Pierre a reissue/homage/guest model on his new Into the Wild brand, and we’re honoured to have a limited number in stock here at Offset.

If you’re looking to skate this rather than hang it on the wall (and let’s be honest – you really should!), then you should know this isn’t a typical 80s freestyle deck; with a mild hint of concave, this is closer to Mode’s Mike Rogers than a straight reissue – only it has more manageable (read: not American) sizing and proportions.


Length: 27.5″
Width: 7.375″
(yes, we know it says 7.4″ in the “additional information” below. Shush.)
Wheelbase: 12.625″
Nose: 5.125″
Tail: 5.75″

You’re going to need a Seismic nose skid and Seismic tail skid combination for this board.

Out of stock

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