Hillock Polarizer


Hillock Polarizer


Our favourite UK-based DIY board builder, Gary Hillock, has looked at the growing trend for 70s-style “polarizer” setups and gone “you know what? I can do that. But better.”

These decks are made out of Finnish Birch and beautifully finished with Gary’s standard danish-oil-and-linocut treatment – the same as his slalom and freestyle decks. He’s also gone to the effort of using a bradawl to mark up the ideal placement of some Sure-Grip Century rollerskate trucks – it’s up to you if you want to go the woodscrew route or drill through the deck to use some proper bolts!


Length: 27.5″
Width: 6.25″
Wheelbase: 19″ (undrilled!)
Nose: 2″, depending on truck mounting.
Tail: 3.25″

Note: these measurements are all based on the assumption you’re using Sure Grip trucks with the marked suggestions for mounting; as the deck is provided undrilled, there’s nothing stopping you using a modern skateboard truck or mounting the trucks in a different location – which will obviously result in different measurements!

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Weight 860 g
Dimensions 69.5 × 16 × 1.2 cm





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