Heroin – Video Nasty DVD


Heroin – Video Nasty DVD


If you’ve never watched a Heroin Skateboards DVD before… well, it might be worth holding onto your hat for this one. All we can really say to you is expect a lot of crusty spots, ridiculous skateboard shenanigans, and pseudo-satanic (or maybe genuinely satanic) rituals. Video Nasty is a classic, and while it’s a few years old at this point, it’s got all the best of the Heroin team circa 2013 – Chet Childress, Deer Man of Dark Woods, Craig Questions, and, of course, Gou Miyagi.

Yeah. This is definitely something you’re going to want in your DVD library.

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Yeah. You’re probably going to want a preview of this one. Have a look at what you’re getting yourself into:

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