Heroin Tom Day Woodsman 8.75″


Heroin Tom Day Woodsman 8.75″


The latest Tom Day deck from Heroin Skateboards is another one in our ever-growing collection of jumbo-sized popsicles.

If you’re a fan of over-sized decks but wild shapes aren’t your thing, give this a go.

This deck uses Heroin’s “Razortop” construction; rather than the top edge of the deck being rounded off like most decks, it’s left cut at a sharp angle to increase board feel and grip to your feet.


Length: 32″
Width: 8.75″
Wheelbase: 14.5″
Nose: 7.125″
Tail: 6.625″

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Need trucks? These are a perfect fit:

FILM 6.0 RAW Trucks

Originally Cliché Skateboards' sister company, FILM are producing high-quality and well-designed trucks at an insanely low cost. These are the classic "raw" trucks; FILM also produce a range of graphic trucks for the more fashion-conscious skater.

There's a lot to love on FILM's trucks; stock bushings which slot into the hangar, holding it still around the kingpin; a baseplate which can still use traditional hex-head kingpins; faced hangar ends to ensure the bearings can spin properly; and, of course, solid construction and a great turn.

The FILM 6.0 trucks are a perfect match for decks between 8.5" and 9" wide - or even wider if you use wide wheels or shaped decks.

(Note that new FILM trucks have removed the old-school mounting holes on the baseplate - we just haven't updated the photos yet.)

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