Heroin Tom Day Papillon 9″


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Heroin Tom Day Papillon 9″


Tom Day’s deck in the Papillon series keeps the trend for “Twin tip” or bidirectional decks going, only with a wider and more angled tail shape instead of the rounded ends of the classic symmetrical egg shape that Heroin have been making for a while – meaning a little bit more stability on the pop, which is never a bad thing.

This deck uses Heroin’s “Razortop” construction; rather than the top edge of the deck being rounded off like most decks, it’s left cut at a sharp angle to increase board feel and grip to your feet.

Check the description below for details on the width of the deck at the truck holes so you can figure out how best to set up this shaped deck.


Length: 31.75″
Width: 9″
Wheelbase: 14.125″
Nose and tail: 6.75″ bidirectional

Out of stock

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Choosing trucks for a shaped deck isn’t as simple as with a “normal” straight-sided popsicle. The widest point of the Tom Day Papillon is 9″, but it narrows to 8.5″ at both trucks.

This makes this deck an absolutely perfect match with the Ace AF1 55, but you could make an argument for splitting the difference and using the fractionally longer Ace AF1 60s – just be aware you’ll be able to see your wheels at both ends of the board!

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Weight 1380 g
Dimensions 81.5 × 24.5 × 6 cm






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