Heroin Mister Kinoshita 8.38″


Heroin Mister Kinoshita 8.38″


If you don’t recognise Mister Kinoshita’s name, you’d probably recognise his face: he’s the Japanese skater who decided to learn to skate at the age of 80 and went viral after Gou Miyagi started posting videos of him on Instagram – so when Gou Miyagi suggested to Fos that they give Mister Kinoshita a guest model on Heroin Skateboards, Fos put together some appropriate art and this board was born.

Incidentally, there’s a great mini-documentary about Mister Kinoshita over on Gou Miyagi’s instagram account, and it’s worth watching just for the moment Gou surprises Kinoshita-san with his own deck; who would have thought a company called Heroin could be so wholesome?


Length: 32″
Width: 8.38″
Wheelbase: 14.5″
Nose: 7.125″
Tail: 6.625″

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