Heroin Dead Dave Video City 10″


Heroin Dead Dave Video City 10″


This Dead Dave deck is definitely the largest of Heroin Skateboards‘ Video City series, coming in at a ridiculous 10″ x 32″. And yes, we know a lot of places claim that this is a 9.3″ – that’s even what it says on the label on the shrink wrap, but trust us, this is a very clear 10″ wide when you get the tape measure out.

This deck uses Heroin’s “Razortop” construction; rather than the top edge of the deck being rounded off like most decks, it’s left cut at a sharp angle to increase board feel and grip to your feet.

Check the description below for details so you can figure out how best to set up this shaped deck.


Length: 32″
Width: 10″
Wheelbase: 14.625″
Nose: 7″
Tail: 6.625″

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Choosing trucks for a shaped deck isn’t as simple as with a “normal” straight-sided popsicle. The widest point of this Dead Dave Video City deck is 10″, but it narrows to 9.75″ at the front truck and 9.625″ at the back truck.

That doesn’t give you a lot of options, as not many trucks go that wide. The closest we have in stock is the Ace AF1 77s, as those have a 9.45″ axle. You can also go for the meaty 10″ wide Ace AF1 80s – they’ll stick out a bit, but that may be better than the amount of deck overhang you’ll get with the AF1 77s or classic 66s.

If you’re lucky enough to track down some Tracker Darts, they do a 184mm which would work nicely with this one. Good luck with that these days, though – we’ve been trying to get some in stock for three years at this point!

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