Heroin Dead Dave Mutant Egg 9.25″


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Heroin Dead Dave Mutant Egg 9.25″


In our eyes, Dead Dave’s Mutant Egg barely counts as an “egg” at all – it’s more of a shaped deck with popsicle ends.

So if you’re looking for something giant that still flips relatively well but has a little bit of a shaped flavour to it, this is the deck for you.

Check the description below for details on the width of the deck at the truck holes so you can figure out how best to set up this shaped deck.


Length: 31.5″
Width: 9.25″ (see note below)
Wheelbase: 14.5″
Nose: 7″
Tail: 6.375″

Out of stock

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Note: You might see this deck listed as a 9.6″ elsewhere; Heroin Skateboards describe it as a 9.6″ with razor top but that is definitely not what was delivered to us. All measurements are taken from what we currently have in stock, which are 9.25″ at the widest point instead of the intended/claimed 9.6″ measurement given by Heroin themselves. If future batches actually are 9.6″, we’ll update these measurements and recommendations to suit.

Although we’ve got this listed as a popsicle as well as a shaped deck, the curved sides means choosing trucks isn’t as simple as with a “normal” straight-sided popsicle. The widest point of the deck is 9.25″, but it narrows to 8.75″ at the both trucks.

If you wanted to ensure that your wheels and axles weren’t visible at all, you could go for Film’s 6.0″ trucks, which have an 8.75″ axle and would fit perfectly. Or, alternatively, if you wanted to go for something a bit more old-school, you could split the difference and go for the 9″ Gullwing Pro IIIs.

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