Heroin Dead Dave Giallo 9.625″


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Heroin Dead Dave Giallo 9.625″


Sometimes we think Heroin are designing these shapes just for us. Dead Dave’s deck in the Giallo series – with art by comic book author Charles Forsman – ticks all the boxes for an Offset favourite; snub nose, double-drilled, over 9″ wide, good wide tail and interesting curves instead of boring straight sides.

Also, this deck uses Heroin’s “Razortop” construction; rather than the top edge of the deck being rounded off like most decks, it’s left cut at a sharp angle to increase board feel and grip to your feet.

Check the description below for details on the width of the deck at the truck holes so you can figure out how best to set up this shaped deck.


Length: 30.5″
Width: 9.625″
Wheelbase: 14.3125″ or 15″ (double drilled)
Nose: 5.6875″ or 5″
Tail: 6.875″

Note that Heroin call this a 9.75″ deck, but we measured it at a very definite 9.625″.

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Choosing trucks for a shaped deck isn’t as simple as with a “normal” straight-sided popsicle. The widest point of this Dead Dave Giallo deck is 9.625″, but it narrows to 9″ at the back truck and either 8.5″ or 8.75″ at the front truck, depending on which mounting holes you choose to use.

This makes things a little complicated; something with a giant 9.3″ axle Paris 169s would support almost the whole width of the deck but would stick out a mile at both ends, and a truck with a 9″ axle like the Ace 55 lines up perfectly at the back, but would stick out considerably at the front. And if you go for something to keep the setup tidy at the front like the 8.75″ axle of the 6.0 Film trucks would feel very small compared to the deck itself.

Honestly, in these situations, it’s probably best just to say “sod it” and slap some Gullwing Pro IIIs under there. You can’t go wrong with some Gullwings.

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