Heroin Craig Questions Video City 9.5″


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Heroin Craig Questions Video City 9.5″


Heroin Skateboards‘ Video City series continues with this veritably boaty 9.5″ Craig Questions model. Like a few Heroin decks recently, this one is double-drilled for a couple of wheelbase/nose length options, but this gives you 0.75″ of adjustment instead of the 0.5″ standard – perfect for the tinkerers out there. Do you want a more streety setup, or something for big bowls? Play around and see what works for you.

This deck uses Heroin’s “Razortop” construction; rather than the top edge of the deck being rounded off like most decks, it’s left cut at a sharp angle to increase board feel and grip to your feet.

Check the description below for details so you can figure out how best to set up this shaped deck.


Length: 31.5″
Width: 9.5″
Wheelbase: Double drilled 14.25″/15″
Nose: 6″/6.75″ (depending on chosen wheelbase)
Tail: 6.75″

Out of stock

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Choosing trucks for a shaped deck isn’t as simple as with a “normal” straight-sided popsicle. The widest point of this Craig Questions Video City deck is 9.5″, but it narrows to either 9.125″ or 9.25″ at the front truck (depending on the mounting point you use) and 9″ at the back truck.

So, guess what? We’re going to recommend the 9″ Gullwing Pro IIIs. We’re a sucker for Gullwings and will use (and recommend) them at every possible opportunity.

You could also use the classic Ace 55s or the new AF1 Ace 66s – both of which also have a 9″ axle – but don’t get confused and pick up the classic Ace 66s, as those have a 9.33″ axle which won’t fit anywhere on this deck.

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Weight 1400 g
Dimensions 82 × 23.5 × 6 cm





14.25", 15"


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