Heroin Craig Questions Behemoth 9.6″


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Heroin Craig Questions Behemoth 9.6″


Note: this particular deck from Heroin Skateboards has been discontinued. You can have a look at our current selection of Heroin decks by clicking here.

Craig Questions’ latest deck on Heroin is aptly named “Craig’s Behemoth”. This thing is an absolute chonker of a board, yet not as wildly shaped as some of the other decks we sell; perfect for tearing around skateparks at Mach 10 and smacking the occasional tail tap here and there.

Check the description below for details so you can figure out how best to set up this shaped deck.


Length: 32″
Width: 9.6″
Wheelbase: 14.625
Nose: 7″
Tail: 6.625″

Out of stock

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Choosing trucks for a shaped deck isn’t as simple as with a “normal” straight-sided popsicle. The widest point of Craig’s Behemoth is 9.6″, but it narrows to 9.125″ at the front truck and 9.5″ at the back truck.

As such, we recommend the 9.33″ axle of the Ace 66 for this deck; you’ll likely be able to see the wheels a bit at the front truck but it should balance out nicely.

Oh, one additional note: despite what the top graphic claims, this is not a razortop deck. Manufacturing error perhaps? We’re not sure. Still a cracking shape though.

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