Gullwing 7″ Mission I Trucks


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Gullwing 7″ Mission I Trucks


We’ve been trying to find these in the UK for years and we’ve finally found a source. The Gullwing 7″ Mission I trucks are very old school in their design – with a classic Tracker-style angled pivot and a cast-in bushing seat on the baseplate, these give a more stable and higher-rebound turn than most modern trucks, making them perfect for more stationary-orientated freestyle or as the rear truck in a slalom setup.

For freestyle, they’re suitable for any freestyle deck between 7.25″ and 7.4″ wide. We recommend coupling these with a deck such as the Moonshine Denham Hill model and the freestyle wheels of your choice.

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The Gullwing 7″ Mission I truck is perfect for 7.25″ freestyle decks. Combine with either the Tony Gale or Lillis Åkesson deck and the freestyle wheels of your choice for a perfect setup.

We’ve measured the Gullwing 7″ Mission I up, and we seem to get a real-world hanger measurement of 109mm, an axle of 6.95″, and a height to the center of the axle of about 58mm with the stock bushings, with a weight (including all supplied nuts and washers) of 340g per truck. These are incredibly tall trucks – definitely one of the tallest currently available in this size.

The bottom bushing is a 14mm tall barrel, and the top one is a 9.5mm tall cone. The provided bushings measure 85a on our durometer, so we recommend harder aftermarket ones for freestyle use. Due to the fact the baseplate has a built-in bushing seat for barrels, we recommend sticking with a barrel and cone setup for these trucks for optimal rebound and stability.

The baseplate is double-drilled, having both the new school (shorter) hole pattern and the original 80s style holes, meaning these will fit on any freestyle board in existence, whether it’s a modern freestyle deck or a classic reissue.

Finally, the pre-installed kingpins are of the modern splined variety, but there is enough room in the baseplate to install an inverted or regular hex-head kingpin. There’s a flat surface next to the base of the kingpin, almost like it was designed to hold a hex head, but we can’t guarantee that it will hold a hex head still. However, for all you pogo freaks out there, these have more kingpin clearance than any truck we’ve ever seen. There’s no way that kingpin is hitting you in the calf muscle, so you can finally throw away those sweaty old shinpads.

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Weight 680 g
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 7 cm



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