FILM Parking Block Rails


FILM Parking Block Rails


The good folks over at FILM Trucks have taken a look at the resurgence of rails and gone “you know what, we can do those. And we can do them better.”

It’s a simple touch, but FILM have included a strip of 3M self-adhesive foam to the back of their Parking Block rails, eliminating that annoying rattle that everyone who’s ever used badly-fitted rails will remember. They’ve also got a nicely rounded edge, meaning if you’re planning on using them more for grabs than slides, you’re not going to rip your fingers to shreds snatching a backside air.

We measured them up at 37cm long, 17mm wide, and 8mm tall (which includes 1mm of 3M foam).

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These new FILM Parking Block rails come with woodscrews like all modern rails, but they’re also backed with 3M adhesive foam strips to reduce movement and vibration. Considering things like that have been recommended for quite a while, we’re surprised it’s taken this long for someone to actually make rails with it already included.

To fit the rails to your deck, we highly recommend you start with a very small pilot hole for each woodscrew. Use the thinnest drill bit you have hand – no more than 1/2 the diameter of the woodscrew – and only go a short way into the deck. That’ll prevent the woodscrews from going in crooked and preventing you from getting the Parking Block properly mounted to the deck.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 37 × 3.5 × 1 cm


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