Film Inverted Kingpin Set


Film Inverted Kingpin Set


If you’ve ever done enough grinds to totally ruin your kingpin nut, got hung up on a crack in the pool coping mid-smith, or tried to ollie-to-pogo only to smash a round hole in the side of your shin, you should probably try these inverted kingpins out. It’s a 2″ long kingpin with a slim hexagonal head, a 5.5mm or 7/32″ allen slot, and rounded edges. You put the nut underneath the baseplate, and then this rounded head sits below the hangar, (hopefully) eliminating all your kingpin-based woes – and, unlike other inverted kingpins, you can still adjust it with a regular skate tool, so you don’t get stuck with a rounded-off allen socket and an unadjustable truck.

This isn’t just a kingpin upgrade, though; these also come with replacement washers so you can throw out the bent and battered ones you’ve been using for a while. Note that they’re designed for Film’s double conical bushing kits, so if you prefer a barrel bushing underneath the hangar, you’ll need to keep your original washer for that.

One last thing: note that these kingpins rely on a proper hex slot in the baseplate – which a lot of modern trucks don’t have. Check the chart below to see the trucks we’ve checked these will work with.

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Compatibility chart

We’ve looked at every truck we have lying around and checked to see if this inverted kingpin set would fit. If you have a truck which isn’t on this chart and want to know if you can use these, get in touch and we’ll figure it out together.

Truck brand Model Compatible? Notes
Ace All trucks No The space around the kingpin is slightly too big to hold the nut.
Film All trucks Yes A perfect fit, as you’d expect
Gullwing Mission I Possibly It looks like it should work, but we don’t have stock to check!
Gullwing Pro III Yes Kingpin works well, and the built-in bushing seat means you don’t need the bottom washer.
Gullwing Shadow DLX Yes Works perfectly.
Independent All trucks No Independent widened the hole in the baseplate specifically to stop hex head kingpins from being used in Stage 9. Older trucks will take them, but modern ones won’t.
Paris Street Trucks No There’s nothing to hold the kingpin nut in place.
Sure-Grip Invader 700 No There’s nothing to hold the kingpin nut in place.
Tracker All trucks Yes As far as we know, all Tracker trucks can still take hex head kingpins.

Note: these will not fit ANY RKP, regardless of brand design; they’re too short, and won’t reach the baseplate. There’s little need for an inverted kingpin on an RKP anyway, so try not to lose sleep over this, yeah?

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