FILM Combo Bolts


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FILM Combo Bolts


Lost your allen key? Hate carrying a screwdriver around? No worries. FILM Combo bolts will take either option – this is one set of bolts to rule them all.

Currently they’re only available in 1″ lengths; this will fit whether you’re mounting your trucks straight to your board or using 3mm or 1/8″ risers.

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Right. FILM Combo bolts. What are these about, eh?

Well, in short, the head of the bolt features both a hole for an allen key and a Phillips head screwdriver. If we were smart, we’d have taken a photo of one and put it here. Hell, maybe we will at some point. You’ll have to take our word for it for now, though.

Anyway, this is good for two reasons: firstly, it means you can use whatever tool you’ve got to hand. Everyone loses allen keys. Not everyone wants to carry a screwdriver. But as long as you can find one or the other, you’re on a winner. (You will, of course, also need a socket or spanner/wrench. We can’t solve all your problems for you. Or can we? Hm. We’ll look into it.)

On top of this, everyone has suffered the problem of a rounded bolt at least once in their life. Mauled low-quality hex head bolts can be a pain to remove. With the FILM Combo bolts, that isn’t a problem – you can just swap to the screwdriver slot, and save your trucks without having the cut the bolt off.

And while this may all seem gimmicky, it’s not like these are more expensive than other quality bolts, so what have you got to lose, really? Just bloody use them!

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