FILM 5.25 RAW Trucks


FILM 5.25 RAW Trucks


Originally Cliché Skateboards’ sister company, FILM are producing high-quality and well-designed trucks at an insanely low cost. These are the classic “raw” trucks; FILM also produce a range of graphic trucks for the more fashion-conscious skater.

There’s a lot to love on FILM’s trucks; stock bushings which slot into the hangar, holding it still around the kingpin; a baseplate which can still use traditional hex-head kingpins; faced hangar ends to ensure the bearings can spin properly; and, of course, solid construction and a great turn.

The FILM 5.25 trucks are a perfect match for 8″ wide decks – or even something slightly larger if you like oddball sizes like 8.125″. We do recommend a swap to the 5.5″ version of these by the time you hit 8.25″, though!

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We’ve measured the FILM 5.25 up, and we get a real-world hanger measurement of 136mm, an axle of 8″, and a height to the centre of the axle of about 54mm with the stock bushings, with a weight (including all supplied nuts and washers) of 355g per truck – making these trucks significantly lighter than Independent’s equivalent 139.

The bottom bushing measures 14mm, and the top one is 10.3mm – with a specially-shaped extension to fit around the kingpin in the hanger to hold the hanger central and reduce slop. The provided bushings measure 88a on our durometer, and should be fine for most skaters out of the box. If you need a different hardness of bushing, we usually stock some of FILM’s own bushing upgrade kits, but any double conical setup should work with the included bushing washers.

Finally, the pre-installed kingpins are of the modern splined variety, but there is a space in the baseplate for a hexhead; we can’t guarantee a traditional or inverted kingpin would be held without wobble until we try it ourselves, but as FILM sell an inverted kingpin upgrade kit, it should work perfectly!

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139mm, 5.25

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