Death Skateboards x Film 8″ Complete Skateboard


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Death Skateboards x Film 8″ Complete Skateboard


Looking for a great entry-level setup? You’re not going to get better for the price than this Death Skateboards x Film complete.

At 8″ wide and 31.5″ long, this deck is considerably more manageable for smaller and/or younger skaters than a lot of decks and completes out there. And with Film’s high quality trucks, Death’s standard 53mm street wheels, and Film’s ABEC-5 bearings, this setup will handle any flatland tech, curb trickery or ledge shenanigans you want to throw at it.

This board will come pre-built and ready to go, so you can just unpack it and get straight out to the skatepark without any work or fuss.

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