Cirus Turi Zoltan “Skull” 7.4 x 28.5


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Cirus Turi Zoltan “Skull” 7.4 x 28.5


Note: this deck from Cirus has been discontinued. You can have a look at our current selection of Cirus decks by clicking here.

Turi Zoltan is an utter beast of a man. There is absolutely no one in freestyle history with as much dominance over the truck transfer game as Turi – it’s as if he took a single look at all pogo combos and said “I can do better than that”. And you know what? He did.1

This deck won’t immediately give you truck-to-truck skills, but it might just help you lock down those carousels – and, at the very least, it’ll help you show some love to the toughest thing Hungary has produced since the 40M Turán.2


Length: 28.5″
Width: 7.4″
Wheelbase: 12.75″
Nose: 5.5″
Tail: 6.125″

We recommend an Offset or Seismic nose skid for the nose and a big ol’ Offset tail skid or Seismic equivalent for the tail of this board.

1: Don’t believe us? Have a look through his instagram and weep.
2: Yes, we spent a good chunk of our afternoon researching Hungarian tanks just for this one product page. We feel no shame.

Out of stock

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  • Cirus Skateboards Turi Zoltan model, 7.4″ x 28.5″ with 12.75″ wheelbase.
  • Medium concave, directional design and a 6.125″ tail and 5.5″ nose.
  • Decks handcrafted from Canadian maple in Hungary by Cirus.
  • Heat transfer graphics.

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Weight 1020 g
Dimensions 73 × 19 × 5 cm






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