Cirus Marius Constantin Complete Freestyle Skateboard

From: Original price was: £197.80.Current price is: £185.

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Cirus Marius Constantin Complete Freestyle Skateboard

From: Original price was: £197.80.Current price is: £185.

If you wanted to get yourself a complete freestyle skateboard without the hassle or confusion of dealing with the freestyle setup builder, this pre-built Marius Constantin complete should make your life easier.

Marius Constantin’s pro model from Cirus is a modern double kick bidirectional freestyle deck with fuller, squarer tails than the average deck for improved butterflips and casper spins. If you like stationary tech, this is the setup for you.

We’ve set Marius’s deck up with Sure-Grip Invaders and 97a Seismic Focus wheels to get it as close as possible to what Marius himself rides (we’d have loved to offer Tracker Fultracks but they’re still unobtanium at the moment). We’ve also thrown in some Synopsis Blue Rays for an extra-smooth ride and a pair of Seismic skid plates to keep the board going for longer.

This will arrive fully assembled and ready to skate, so you can jump on and start learning freestyle tricks straight away with minimal hassle.

We do offer an optional bushing upgrade; add the 98a bushings below for a stiffer and more stable setup. We recommend it for adult skaters, but smaller or younger freestylers might not need it.

Khiro Tall Cone Combo Bushings × 2 – optional

Khiro's bushings are world-renowned for their high quality and wide range of options. This is their "tall cone" combo setup - a similar design to a traditional barrel-and-cone bushing combo, such as Khiro's own standard barrel bushings, only much taller. More urethane means more resistance and more rebound, so generally, you get better performance out of these taller bushing setups than you do with much smaller bushing combinations.

Bear in mind that not many trucks have a long enough kingpin to use these bushings; please check the measurement guide below before purchasing, as we can only guarantee they'll fit in Sure-Grip Invader 700s and Tracker Racetracks. If in doubt, go with the standard barrel bushings or KBAC-1 bushings instead.

Also, note that Khiro's bushings come in single-truck packs, which means you'll need two packs to upgrade both trucks.

Currently we only stock these in 98a, but we can obtain other hardnesses. If you would like these in another hardness, please contact us.

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Dimensions 77 × 22 × 12 cm






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Khiro Tall Cone Combo Bushings





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