Bulletproof Laces


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Bulletproof Laces


Sick of tearing laces, whether it’s by knee-sliding down a vert ramp, shuffling around in a casper, or flicking tre-flips all day long? Invest in some of these. Made from kevlar, these are the strongest laces you can buy. They’ll last longer than your shoes will!

Choose 36″ for shoes with 3 to 5 eyelets, 45″ for shoes with 5 to 7 eyelets, and 60″ for anything longer.

If you’re not sure which length you need, measure the laces which came with your shoes and go for the next length up – because these are kevlar, there’s no stretch or give in them at all.

Bulletproof Levlar Laces are made from the same Dupont material as bulletproof vests. This makes Bulletproof Kevlar Laces resistant to abrasion and breaking. While they do wear, they last longer than regular shoelaces by far. Bulletproof Kevlar Laces tested better than their competitors on street, vert, concrete pools, and bowls by some of the best skateboarders in the world. Get a pair and see for yourself!

U.S.A. made, veteran owned. Made by skateboarders for skateboarders, and guaranteed for 14 days from receipt of purchase.

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36", 45", 60"

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