Powell-Peralta 58mm Nano Cubic


Powell-Peralta 58mm Nano Cubic


We were a bit disparaging about the new 52mm Nano Cubic from Bones, but the bigger 58mm version is a much more interesting prospect; not only do you not get many offset wheels that are this wide, but 93a wheels are even rarer, regardless of size or shape.

In short, if you’re looking for a softer, smoother wheel to get around a bit easier but you still want to protect your axle nuts (for the odd bit of freestyle or bashing into curbs), these actually aren’t a bad choice.

They’re also made with Bones’ proprietary “Dragon Formula”, which means they slide like glass – no need to worry about getting stuck on a noseslide with these!

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Diameter: 58mm
Durometer: 93a
Roll surface: 21.3mm
Axle coverage: 8.85mm (2.45mm over the axle nut)
Overall thickness: 37.5mm
Weight (set of four): 335g

Additional information

Weight 335 g
Dimensions 11.6 × 11.6 × 3.75 cm




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