Blast Bike Board Bag


Blast Bike Board Bag


It looks almost like spring is looming on the horizon, and sunny city skate sessions are calling… but how are you supposed to carry your board around when you hire a bike to get from one side of the city to another?

Don’t worry, Blast Skates have got you covered. Their Blast Bike Board Bag holds any average-sized skateboard (sorry longboarders, you’re out of luck here) with a drawstring top to ensure the board stays put and a single padded strap to sling it over your shoulder (or across your chest) while you dodge traffic on a janky bicycle.

Other possible use cases, if you’re not a fan of bicycles and/or prefer to skate everywhere:

  • Protecting your board from rain when your session gets rained off for the third time this week
  • Carrying your park setup while riding a “cruiser” down the street
  • Hiding your skateboard during job interviews to seem more professional
  • Kidnapping a small badger1

1: Do not kidnap a badger, no matter the size. It will gut you.

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Needless to say, this bag doesn’t come with a free Callum McRobbie deck – or any other deck, for that matter.

It pains us that we had to spell that out so clearly down here, but after five years of business, we’ve learned this lesson the hard way.

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