Ace Rethreaders


Ace Rethreaders


When Ace released their AF1 Skate Tool, we were stoked: it’s a small, compact tool with rethreaders for both axles and kingpins built in. One has lived in Offset HQ and in our communal skate bag ever since, and you’d be amazed at the amount of times we’ve fixed people’s setups out and about with that thing.

But what if you’ve already got a skate tool and don’t want to replace it?

These are the solution – rethreading nuts that can live on a carabiner along with your keys. Simply remove the nut you need – blue for kingpins, red for axles – and finger-tighten it onto the damaged thread before cranking down with any ol’ skate tool, socket set, or spanner. With a few good twists in each direction, you’ve got a cleared-out thread and you can get a nice new nut onto the axle or kingpin. Easy as that!

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