Ace AF1 Hard Bushing Kit


Ace AF1 Hard Bushing Kit


If you’re looking for more stability in your trucks – whether that’s for more predictable flip tricks or less wobble at speed – you’re going to want to swap to firmer bushings instead of just cranking down the kingpin nut and demolishing the stock bushings your trucks came with.

Thankfully, Ace’s AF1 Hard Bushing Kit comes with everything you need to not only get a set of Aces up to performance spec, but also upgrade many, many other brands of truck from the common double-conical bushing setup to the vastly superior (in our opinion) barrel-and-cone combo; not only do you get nice and tall lumps of high-quality urethane, but you also get perfectly sized (and solid!) washers to accommodate them.

Note that Ace claim these are 94a bushings, but our durometer registers them as 90a. As they’re a brand new product, we haven’t had the chance to compare them to our favourite bushings yet – that’s Khiro’s 95a barrel and cone setup, if anyone’s curious – but once we have, we’ll report back and update this.

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(Note that all the following measurements for the Ace AF1 Hard Bushing Kit have been taken by ourselves, not just copied from a manufacturer’s website. We never trust manufacturer’s measurements.)
Bushing Shape Diameter Height
Bottom Barrel 24.85mm 14mm
Top Cone 24.6mm 12.2mm

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Weight 55 g
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 cm



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