Ace AF1 55 Trucks


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Ace AF1 55 Trucks


Ace trucks have rapidly become one of the favourite truck brands of those “in the know”, with many people leaving their former truck brand loyalties behind and making the switch for a stronger and better-turning truck – and now Ace have come through with their new premium AF1 truck line.

Ace claim that the new AF1 truck is the “strongest cast truck ever made”, with subtle redesigns and new processes and materials resulting in a stronger, more long-lasting truck than the classic Ace trucks. They’ve also changed the sizing on the AF1 line so they line up better with common deck widths.

However, what really excites us are the new axle nuts with built-in rethreaders and the included bonus rethreader die that comes with every truck – no more fighting to get an axle nut back on after a wheel change!

The new Ace AF1 55 is a different beast to the classic Ace 55 – with a smaller 8.45″ axle, this is one for the many skaters on 8.5″ wide popsicle decks, but they’ll also fit some of the more wildly shaped decks.

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We’ve measured the Ace AF1 55 up, and we get a real-world hanger measurement of 147mm, an axle of 215mm/8.45″, and a height to the center of the axle of about 53mm with the stock bushings, with a weight (including all supplied nuts and washers) of 395g per truck.

The bottom bushing measures 14.65mm, and the top one is 11.7mm. The provided bushings measure 84a on our durometer, and should be fine for most skaters out of the box.

Finally, the pre-installed kingpins are of the modern splined variety, and like most modern trucks, the baseplate has just been hollowed out enough to prevent you fitting an old-style hex head or inverted kingpin.

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Weight 790 g
Dimensions 21.5 × 8 × 6.5 cm



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