Ace 00 Trucks


Ace 00 Trucks


Ace trucks have been something of an open secret for a while; based on the much-loved Stage V Independent geometry, a lot of guys have been putting aside their life-long Iron Cross obsessions to make the switch to Ace and have never looked back. Why? Solid metal, longer-lasting hangers, and a beautiful carve while still stable at speed.

These are the Ace 00, the smallest Ace truck there is. With a tiny 6.6″ axle, the Ace 00 is a perfect match for decks around 7″ wide like the Kevin Harris reissues, but they’ll also make a decent upgrade for small Penny-style cruisers.

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We’ve measured the Ace 00 up, and we get a real-world hanger measurement of 100mm, an axle of 167mm/6.60″, and a height to the center of the axle of about 53mm with the stock bushings, with a weight (including all supplied nuts and washers) of 340g per truck.

The bottom bushing measures 13mm, and the top one is 11.5mm. The provided bushings measure 85a on our durometer, and should be fine for most skaters out of the box. However, if you’re planning on using these trucks for freestyle, you’ll want to upgrade to harder bushings. Note that FILM’s bushings won’t fit without modification, as Ace’s hangars have much less metal between the bushings than most trucks, meaning there’s not enough space for the “jaw system” of the FILM bushings.

Finally, the pre-installed kingpins are of the modern splined variety, and like most modern trucks, the baseplate has just been hollowed out enough to prevent you fitting an old-style hex head or inverted kingpin.

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Weight 650 g
Dimensions 17 × 8 × 6.5 cm



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