85a FILM Bushings


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85a FILM Bushings


Most bushings are fairly standard – either a barrel or a cone for the bottom of the truck (i.e. nearest to the board) and a cone on the top. Some companies have played with inserts to make the bushing more solid, and some have produced “stepped” bushings to hold the bushing in place better, but as far as we’re aware none* have tried to eliminate or reduce one of the biggest sources of sloppy truck performance: the hangar moving around the kingpin.

FILM‘s bushings include an insert on the top cone which aims to do the same job a spherical bearing does on CNC trucks – namely keeping the kingpin central in the hangar.

Have you ever been on a truck and felt a slight deadzone, where the truck leans but doesn’t turn? These should help eliminate that.

One kit provides enough parts to totally rebuild one set of trucks. Before you buy, check the compatibility list below to make sure they fit your trucks. If the combination isn’t listed and they don’t fit, let us know and we’ll give you some money off your next order.

These are the 85a Film bushings – which are a bit softer than most bushings, making them perfect for when you want the most turn you can get from your trucks. Don’t just run your trucks loose – use these instead. Carving is always better than wobbling!

Note that they might not be the colour shown in the photo – Film keep changing the colours on each production run! – but they will be the same durometer, and that’s the most important bit… right?

*The Seismic Aeon does a bloody good job of this, but as they use a totally different bushing shape only compatible with their trucks, it doesn’t count for the purposes of this explanation. Sorry, Dan.

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(Note that all the following measurements and notes on compatibility for the FILM bushings have been taken by ourselves or by customers, not just copied from a manufacturer’s website. There’s always a chance that a manufacturer might have altered a truck since this data was compiled, so if you have different results for something listed here, please let us know.)
Brand Truck Compatible Notes
Ace All sizes Not without modification The hangar is too thin, and the bushing insert sticks out too far – but you can make the top bushing fit by sanding it down.
Bear Polar Yes Fits perfectly – highly recommended
FILM All sizes Yes Of course they’d work in their own trucks!
Gullwing Mission 1 Yes Fits well, but a barrel bottom bushing would be better
Gullwing Pro III Yes Fits well, but a barrel bottom bushing would be better
Independent Tested on 109s NO The bushings fit the hangar, but the kingpin is too short.
Paris Street trucks Yes Perfect fit – vast improvement over the stock bushings
Tracker Dart Yes Fits well, but a barrel bottom bushing would be better
Tracker Racetrack Yes Great fit – highly recommended

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