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3DM Avalon


The 3DM Avalon is an absolute classic in the world of slalom and longboarding. In the early 2000s, this was the wheel everyone rode – fast as hell and grippy enough to hold through the sharpest turns on the most challenging pro race courses.

3DM came under the management of Seismic in 2004, and Seismic continue to pour the Avalons today – using the world’s most advanced hubs and newer, faster, and smoother urethane than ever. We can’t recommend them enough.

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68mm tall x 55mm wide Avalon Wheels:

  • 53mm running surface
  • Offset bearing seat
  • Sharp outside edge, beveled inside edge
  • 167g per wheel
  • Sold in sets of FOUR wheels

Seismic claim their “Premium Clear” compound is the best clear urethane on the market – smooth, fast, and grippy.

The 68mm by 55mm Avalon is named after a legendary slalom racing site on California’s Catalina Island. Great for all-purpose longboarding, cruising, and Old School styling, and also one of the world’s best all-around slalom wheels – in the early and middle 2000s, the Avalon won more elite races than all other brands combined!

Molded around Seismic’s advanced Mini-EC hub. Not too big and not too small, the Mini-EC preserves ample tire thickness while saving over ½-ounce per wheel, stiffening the inside edge, and super-charging inside edge rebound.

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Weight 630 g
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 5.5 cm






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