Skid Plates

What are skid plates, you ask? In short, they’re hard slabs of plastic to fit to the ends of the board, preventing it from being pogo’d to oblivion through razortail. They’re basically mandatory if you’re setting up a freestyle deck – well, unless you like giving us money for a new deck every month, anyway.

If you’re not sure which skids to use, check the page for each freestyle deck we sell to see our recommendations for the best fit.

Fitment Notes

Despite our best efforts, there is no standardised mounting hole pattern for skid plates. As such, there is a lot of deviation in both the placement and size of the mounting holes used across different brands.

All of the skid plates we sell fit a standard pattern; 4mm diameter holes, spaced 60mm apart, and 22mm from the front (curved) edge of the skid plate; this means that the skids below are all interchangeable in case you get the wrong shape.

If you are looking to replace skids from another brand or shop, please compare the existing holes to the measurements given above. You can also download our technical drawing for this proposed standard if you would like a paper template to work with.

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