Originally Cliché Skateboards’ sister company, FILM Trucks are producing high-quality and well-designed trucks at an insanely low cost.

Based in France, the recurring theme through their products seems to be simple: fix all the stupid little problems that no one else seems to want to address, whether that’s bushings that fill the gap between hangar and kingpin to reduce slop, rails which will never rattle, and even something as simple as trucks which still take both types of kingpin.

Here at Offset, we applaud that kind of thinking.

On top of all that, FILM have a promise: 1% of all profit from any FILM product goes to environmental charities because, and we quote, “it’s the least we can do as responsible humans”. Bravo, gentlemen.

Size Guide

Size Hangar Axle
4.25 108mm 6.875″
5.0 126mm 7.6″
5.25 137mm 8″
5.5 144mm 8.25″
6.0 153mm 8.75″
6.5 164mm 9.1″

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