Ace Trucks

Ace Trucks have been something of an open secret for a while; based on the much-loved Stage V Independent geometry, a lot of guys have been putting aside their life-long Iron Cross obsessions to make the switch to Ace trucks and have never looked back. Why? Solid metal, longer-lasting hangers, and a beautiful carve while still stable at speed.

As if that wasn’t enough, their new premium AF1 line includes subtle redesigns and new processes and materials resulting in a stronger, more long-lasting truck than the classic Ace trucks – and come with new axle nuts with built-in rethreaders and an extra bonus rethreader die for good measure.

Ace’s naming convention for sizes doesn’t match any other brands, so we highly recommend that you check the size guide if you’re used to other trucks. As an added complication, the AF1 versions of some models have very different sizing to the “classic” versions, so even if you’re used to Ace’s sizing, double-check the table if you’re swapping to an AF1 model.

It’s also worth pointing out that a double digit name (such as the Ace 55) represents the mid-height version of a truck, while a name starting with a 0 (such as the Ace 03) is the lower version of that size. They’re also now using an X0 naming convention – like the AF1 60 – to fill gaps between previously established sizes.

Confused yet? Honestly, just check the table. It’s way easier.

Size Guide

Size Model Hangar Axle
00 Classic 100mm 6.6″
11 Classic 116mm 7.25″
33 BOTH 134mm 7.95″
44 Classic 144mm 8.39″
AF1 141mm 8.2″
55 Classic 161mm 9″
AF1 147mm 8.45″
60 AF1 154mm 8.7″
66 Classic 171mm 9.33″
AF1 161mm 8.95″
77 AF1 173mm 9.45″

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