Gullwing have been around for a long time – they’ve been manufacturing trucks since the 1970s, making them one of skateboarding’s longest-lasting truck companies, and for good reason.

Nowadays, they have a wide range of trucks for pretty much all setups, but we currently only carry the Mission and the Pro models, both of which have an old-school geometry and a giant bushing seat, giving them more strength, stability and rebound than the average street truck.

If you’d like us to bring in some of their Shadow (street geometry) trucks or any of their longboard truck models, get in touch and we’ll sort it out for you.

Size Guide

Size Hangar Axle
7″ 109mm 6.95″
9″ 160mm 8.95″
9″ Pro 158mm 8.9″
10″ 186mm 9.95″
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